Shifting microbiological testing to reduce fish mortality due to pathogenic infections
KOA Biotech
About us

About us

We provide a digital, autonomous and on-site testing technology for fish farms to reduce fish mortality.

Our technology will revolutionize fish health and fish farm economics, and reduce their environmental impact worldwide. 

Over 50% of the fish we consume today comes from farms. Today’s testing technology consists of water samples shipped to labs that take 5 to 10 days to deliver results. Our onsite testing kits continually monitor potentially harmful bacteria in water and create early warning alerts to prevent infections. 

We are a spinoff from the University of Pompeu Fabra started by a group of PhDs in Biology. We have 2 live tests running with customers willing to pay and 8 more LOIs in line to go live in the next three months. 

By creating more sustainable food production we are taking care of humanity and the planet. 

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Sira Mogas

Founder & CEO

PhD in Biomedicine, specialized in SynBio, developing new biological devices with computational capacity. Involved in multiple entrepreneurship programs

Teresa Castaño

Master student

Degree in Human Biology and ex-participant of iGEM competition 2021.

Guillem Cobos

Data Scientist

PhD in Mathematics, machine learning and software engineering associate.


Albert Muntane
Javier Macia
Albert Armengol
Anxo Armada
Francesc Lloreta